Lovester Duncan, MSN, PMHNP-BC

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with BSN_RN, worked as a psych nurse for 9 years, went to Walden university, and graduated with MSN PMHNP_BC Currently working on a DDU unit caring for patients suffering from mental health and substance use disorder. Currently a DNP student at Walden University.My professional skills consist of a growth mindset, with a multifaceted scope of practice entailing quality assessment procedures, optimal care planning, effective treatment and interventions, and efficient evaluations of patients in mental health care and management. Quick learner with competent critical thinking and problem-solving skills in expanding skills and experiences of self-growth and team advancement while welcoming and directing challenges toward opportunities to assert improvement. Nurtures years of experience in acute psychiatric mental health units that handle a big load of patients with psychiatric crises and eventual needs for therapies, referrals, and consultative services. Currently works on a doctoral program at Walden University to acquire competencies and pursue excellence as a forward-thinking mental health nurse practitioner.

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